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Bread is an important part of a healthy diet. Itís something that most of us consume daily as a baseline for our meals.

There are a great variety of breads in the marketplace with varying levels of nutritional value. Review nutritional information so you can enjoy the Breadsmith breads that best align with your health goals.

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Our Bakery Is Dairy Free

What does that mean for you? Our products do not contain any dairy ingredients. For the few products that contain an oil ingredient, we use non-GMO canola oil or a specialized nonhydrogenated margarine that contains no artificial trans fat. Most of our products contain 2 percent or less of your daily value of fat.

Watching Portions

It is smart to compare portion (what you eat) with serving size. But keep in mind that serving size is not a recommendation of what you should eat; it is a standardized way to compare similar foods with each other. Considering portion and serving size side by side allows you to calculate the nutrition you actually consume. This helps to be more aware of what you eat and therefore consume more of whatís healthy and less of whatís not.

For example, if you have a sandwich (one portion) with two slices (two servings) of Breadsmith 100% Whole Wheat, you accounted for two of your grain servings for the day. And when youíre in the mood for something sweet, that Mini Cinnamon Bun is not only cute, but it is also a good way to not overindulge.

Concerned about Allergies?

Breadsmith breads are made in a facility with nuts, eggs, wheat and soy milk. Review the Breadsmith Nutrition Guide for detailed information.

Gluten Free?

Gluten is a type of protein that appears primarily in wheat, rye and barley. Some individuals have a gluten free diet in order to treat celiac disease. Others reduce gluten in their diet because of other allergies or as a personal choice.

It is difficult to bake high quality, consistently delicious breads that are 100 percent free of gluten. And it is impossible to bake gluten free breads that would meet the needs of someone who suffers with celiac disease in our current bakeries. After significant research and inquiry, Breadsmith has determined a fully separate bakery would be the best way for our Minnetonka, Edina and St. Paul bakeries to serve gluten free breads. At this time there are no plans to open a separate location for this purpose.